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Survival Heroes – A Combination Game of Both Rules of Survival and MOBA Game

Besides MOBA game hype, battle royale game is also popular in mobile games. Who doesn’t know Rules of Survival, Fortnite, Mobile Legend, Arena of Valor and so on.

Of course, this type of game is very fun because it is different each time you play it, the competitiveness of the game, team work and challenge is what makes this game so fun. The creative developer combine the fun aspect of both game and make it into one different game which is called Survival Heroes.

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Get ready to gather your friends, loot treasures and crush any others in your way. Come to bring out your inside hero, fight with other 99 real players and let’s see if you will be the last one standing!

Although the game itself stated that that it is a MOBA game, it is actually a combination of both. The arena of battle royale, combine with the game play of MOBA game. This game is where you will deal with another 99 players (100 including you), but there are also a team match in which you will team up in a 4 man team and try to beat the other 24 teams (25 team including you).

Unlike MOBA game where each character will have their own skill. In Survival Heroes, the skill comes by itself in weapon that you use. You can choose different weapon that are spawn in the game, from the fantasy like tome and staff to the scientific stuff like Guns.

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There are also level system here in the game, which will affect your skills level. You can gain exp to level up by simply killing the monster around the arena, killing the other enemies heroes, opening a chest and searching everything in the game.

However what really makes the different in the game is how well can you strategize yourself with your teams to kill the enemies. How well can you use and utilize your skill effectively to kill the enemies and most importantly run when you are in danger.

So? Are you up for the challenge, if you are, then play now by clicking on the link below!

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