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Iron League – An Interesting Real Time 3 vs 3 MOBA RPG from Steam!

Now, there are too many MOBA games that is available to play, like Mobile Legend, Arena of Valor, and Onmyoji Arena. Of course, each game is different, but the game concept is pretty much the same. Well, there is one game that different, in my opinion and it is Iron League.

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Welcome to the Iron League, a real-time arena team fight game! Behold the clash of heroes! Iron League is a MOBA teamfight of the warriors named “Ironsides”. The League does not care what their motives are, as long as they give a good fight. How about you? Do you wanna be the strongest Ironside? Then, take a bold step into the Iron League!

Iron League is actually a PC games on steam that force its way to the android and iOS market. The game retain its fun aspect making it one of the best game that can be downloaded for your smartphone right now.

Since the game is PC game being remade to smartphone, there are some adjustment to match the change. But i think that doesn’t change the fun at all. In fact, now it is more easier to control the character.

This game, compare to other MOBA game, has a better graphic than the other. You can set the graphic itself in the game setting. The game graphic is very detailed and very pretty.

Each heroes has their own unique skill as of any MOBA game, and depending on how you use him / her, you can definitely dominate the game.

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There are  range-dealer, tanker, supporter, warriors, and assassins. Range dealer can deal more damage in range, supporter can be use to give the allies buff or give the enemies de-buff. Warriors can be use to deal more damage in the late game. Tanker can be use to be defend the enemies attack. and lastly assassins that can deal massive damage but has a low health.

In terms of the battle, it is the same as any other MOBA game. However, the arena in Iron League is a lot more smaller which is only 2 lane. There are no jungle in this game, so you will only need to focus on destroying the tower. However, there are also a helper that you can utilize by destroying the 2 summon stone in the middle arena.

Aside from that, you can also go back to heal, or simply take the heal stone that is located behind your tower. Unlike any other MOBA game, each of your equipment can be upgraded, and after the last upgrade, you can use the item like a skill, from shield to invulnerability.

I really recommend you guys to try the game, because of how fun it is. Each game will only take for about 10-15 minutes which is much quicker than most MOBA games. So you can play it whenever you want to.

If you are interested, you could click on the link below to download!

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