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Iron League Tips and Tricks – 5 Easy Guide to Win More Match!

Iron League is one of the newest MOBA game with a new gameplay. It is really a great game and if you want to check out its full review you can click the link “Iron League Review“.

Now, since the game is still new and there are a lots of people that are playing the game. You might be a little bit confuse by the game play. Which is why, we will give you some tips and tricks that can be use to win the match:

1. Rune!

Some of you guys that have played LOL or AOV, you might have know about this feature. Iron League use the same concept.

Each time you level up, you will unlock a slot where you can put your rune into. Each rune has different upgrades for your basic stats, from Attack speed to regen abilities. If you update it regularly depending on which heroes you use, you can almost be unbeatable in the early game.

2. See and Read Your Heroes skills!

Before going in on a battle, please read your skill first. The description, effect and damage first before going in to the match. Each heroes has their own skill sets and Passive skill, and if you don’t even know its passive or skill description, how can you utilize it well?

So, before going in to the match, try to check out your heroes skill and try to use them in the training feature that is available in the game.

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3. You don’t Need to Use The Recommend Item.

In my opinion, as someone that had played MOBA games for years. Equipment can change the flow of your match. Especially, since the items here in Iron League have their own skills and abilities.

If you are a long ranged heroes and you are force to buy defense item, then try to pick Critical chance increasing items first and then attack speed. However, since the recommend item is already set for each heroes you will need to set them manually.

4. Know Your Roles

Like any other MOBA games, there are also a role division in iron league. From Ranged Dealer, Warrior, Tanker, Assassins and lastly Support. Everybody has their own roles to fulfill. Which is why i recommend you guys to train and be able to use 1 heroes for every roles.

5. Back Before Dying.

Dying will leads to not gaining experience and gold. Which in turns will makes you fall back behind the match. So, i recommend you to either go back or take the healing stone to heal up and reset your health.

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