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Ragnarok Mobile from Tencent – Finally The Ragnarok Game that We All Want!

I have been a fan of Ragnarok since forever, mainly because of it is the first Online PC games that literally got me addicted to games. It was 10 years ago and i sometimes still go back to it and play the game on PC. However, i want to play it anywhere i want, i want to play it in my phone!

Well, of course there are so many Ragnarok game for your smartphone over the time, but there aren’t one that capture the true essence of the original Ragnarok game. But, there is one company named Tencent, they release its first trailer of Ragnarok game and it looks AWESOME!

Source: Youtube

Sadly enough, i heard the news late, and i can’t get into the beta test. From what i have search around the Youtube, it looks pretty similar with the original game. You can see the gameplay in the video below.

Source: Youtube

In the video, we can see that the guy is playing as Mage. He is showcasing all of the skill. It looks a lot like MOBA game, but with an open world feel which makes it awesome.

All that i hope is so that the game doesn’t have the auto questing feature. The game is still in beta, and it is in Chinese. It means that those that wanted to play it globally will need to wait for a long time probably. For more information, you can see:

Facebook Fans Page: Ragnarok Mobile Society

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