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How to Find Your Lost Fitbit Device with Fitbit Finder!

There are times when we as a human make little bit error such as forgetting to put where our things and belongings are, and sometimes we lost them…. It is okay, if something that is cheap, but what if the thing that you lost is a $130 FitBit? Well you don’t want that right?

Now, before you lose your Fitbit, you should take steps to prevent it. You should install an apps called Fitbit Finder.


The most popular Finder for Fitbit app from iOS has arrived on android! Over 400,000 downloads and counting on iOS and thousands of 5 star ratings! Find Fitbit allows you to easily find your lost Fitbit around you before the battery runs out. The app itself uses Bluetooth radio signals to pick up your lost Fitbit and then provide an easy way to guide yourself to its general location.

If you had install the apps and didn’t understand how the app works then you can follow this tips below:

1. First, Download the apps and install it (You can do so by clicking the link below)






2. Select your device that has been paired with your iPhone

3. After clicking the paired device, if you are near your device. You will get the notification below.

4. There will be a circle like the picture below. As you walk closer to your device, it will be a full circle. Letting you know that you got closer to your device!

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The app use the paired Bluetooth network to let you know its location and because of that if you had zero battery on your fitbit, then you can’t use it to connect the apps to your phone.

If you would like to see the video regarding the apps. Then you could see video below!

Source: Youtube (Paradice)

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