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Optimized App like Clean Master for Android – 5 Best Alternative Apps!

If you have an android phone, then you might realize that time over time your phone will be slower than the first time you bought it. It is because your phone is full of old files from apps, picture, and content that you don’t even look at anymore.

These built up will make your phone a lot slower because it takes time to sort all of your files and find the data that you need to run even a single apps. Which is why, you should always clean up your data to get a more responsive and quicker phone. This can be done easily by installing a cleaning app like Clean Master.

BUT, there are so many other cleaning apps that you can choose from, that is more or less have the same feature as Clean Master. If you are looking for a new way to clean your phone, you should check out these list of apps below!

1. All in One Toolbox

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Are you looking for solution of above system error or warning? All-In-One Toolbox will be your best app to free up storage, boost phone speed and extend battery life. This app provides various of handy tools to clean up Android, speed up & optimize performance.

It will helps you clear background apps, cache, and memory. Additional features include CPU cooling, cleaning junk, batch app, and so on. This app is the one for you if you are looking for an easy one tap only solution!

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2. Optimize Master – Clean & Security

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Powerful Android phone system management software, it will help users to detect and clean common system junk deeply. The other features: record phone real-time network info, block apps that hold too much bandwidth automatically. Cloud virus database for detect virus in phone, check WIFI security, make phone away from danger.

The app has a deep cleaning feature that can be use to clean up a garbage files, and useless cache over all. It can also be use to remove the remaining files or folder and monitor network usage status. It also have a boost feature that can boost your phone with a simple tap and a full security protect feature for network security, virus and so on.

3. Power Clean

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Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleaner and booster app that clean phone memory and storage space with simply 1 tap. You can speed up your phone cleaner to integrates advanced junk cleaner engine for a super fast cleaning system.

Use the 1 tap boost feature to auto clean your phone memory and storage space. The clear cache feature to clear your system cache and junk app, and the app can even clear up the residual file of the deleted app on your phone.

4. The Cleaner

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Newly redesigned with a beautiful updated interface. The Cleaner is the same free Android optimizer and speed booster app you love.

Speed up your phone or tablet with the memory cleaner, free up storage space and clear cache, batch uninstall unneeded or potentially malicious apps with the app manager, and protect your privacy with the included app lock function.

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Make your games run faster and improve their performance with the Game Booster. Best of all, The Cleaner is as always as easy to use as it is beautifully designed, all in a lightweight app that won’t hog your Android’s memory, so cleaning your RAM and phone storage is easy and fast!

5. Droid Optimizer

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Laggy smartphone? Battery always empty? Launching apps takes forever? Boost your smartphone performance and free memory at the click of a button. Installed apps, downloaded files, images, music, videos – over time, your smartphone will get cluttered leading to noticeable slowdowns.

Ashampoo Droid Optimizer frees your smartphone from clutter and reclaims free disk space and performance – regularly and fully automatically.

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