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Wandering Night – A Really Hard Roguelike Adventure Card Game

If you are constantly looking for a hard mode game that can be really challenging to beat, then you might want to check out a game that is made by ZLoong called Wandering Night.


Wandering Night is a Roguelike Mobile Game with deck-building card game (DBG) mechanics. When you open this elder fairy tale book, you will become the famous characters that you know.

Now, you are the hero to save this world! Put the stronger cards into your deck; defeat the evil enemies to collect loots reward. But remember, keep your faith. Because when you achieve the end of path, you will find the strongest enemy is……

In simpler term, the game is a turn based RPG game that use cards combination to attack. Each card has a number in the top left corner, which is the energy that is needed to play or use the cards. You will be given a limited amount of energy which means that you will need to strategize yourself to beat up the enemies.

Now, aside from the battle play, the game play is a bit more like a board game. You will be rolling a dice, each turn, and then move depending on the number that you had gotten. After that, you will trigger an event depending on where your character is standing, from Monster Battle, Boss Battle, Elite Monster Battle, Event, Card event, Items, Shop, and so on.

The worst but the most fun part about this game is that it implement a rogue like feature. All of your progress will be lost if you are dead even once, and because of that you will need to really think about your move, your goal, and what is your card combo in the current game. Another fun feature is the multiplayer one, where you can compete, play and have fun with your friends in the game together.

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For the most part, i really like the art style in this game, which reminds me about the “Odin Sphere” art in PS2 made by Atlus that i love. Wandering night is really recommended for those that want a little bit challenge.

Are you good enough to beat the game?

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