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Night of The Full Moon – Lady Knight Guide for Easy Play!

Because of the recent hype of the game Night of the full moon, and the needs for guide. Today we will give you a guide to play one of the easiest Job in Night Of The Full Moon, which is Lady Knight. Check it out!

Lady Knight is a knight specialist jobs that use combos and attack cards to kill and finish her enemies. The enemy will render unable to even act in a turn before you end up finishing them. She is probably one of the easiest job to play and one of the most powerful one. So here are some of the tips and tricks to play the job.

1. Never Forget her basic Sword attack

You see, most of the cards that she will use are her basic attack card. It is because the cards are cheap, with no cost. It can be upgraded, plus if you combo it with the equipment like Crazy Tomahawk, you will get a never ending attack Combo that can be use to easily kill the enemies. So never use amnesia store to forget your basic sword attack.

2. Equipment are Important!

Most of her cards will go around attack cards, now if you added the effect of cards like Wraith Blade, Demon Blades, Dirk, Poison dagger and so on, you will be able to deal massive damage to the enemies.

Some of the equipment cards that you must have are: Crazy Tomahawk (each time you use basic attack, it will copy and give you the same cards so that you can use it again), Poison Dagger (each time you use 2 attack cards, the enemies will get 1 poison stack), Dirk, Lightning Blade, Torch, and so on. 

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Most people that have just played this game tends to forget this. But the lady knight skill is one of the most useful one out of the others. It is because the skill can upgrade any cards for free!

Just know that a single use of smithy can be 50 gold or more, so please, if you can use the skill, please immediately use it.

4. Draw Cards are important

If you know an item cards like Fearless, and Frenzied strike, then immediately buy them. Because that kind of item can be use to control the flow of your cards. You will be able to deal more combos and get more effect from your equipment by using this cards, and because of that immediately buy one if you encounter it.

5. For Upgrade

You will get a fairy or some other upgrade in each stages. For fairy i recommend you to take (Max HP or Upgrade Cards), (Pockets for Equipment), and lastly (+1 Physical attack or Resurrection after death once)

Game Play

Do you have any question regarding the character? Well if you do then comment down below and we will be sure to give you some of the best tips for you to be able to clear the game.

Thank you for reading have a nice day!

Lady KnightNight of The Full Moon Tips and Tricks
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