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RPG Marenian Tavern Story Review – A Restaurant Simulation + RPG Games Combine!

Do you love cooking? and what about RPG game? Well, if you like those 2 type of games, then you will definitely like this one game called RPG Marenian Tavern Story.


Patty’s brother has been possessed by the God of Poverty and the whole family has become poor, with huge debts… This is the beginning of Patty’s struggle! To pay back the debts, let’s open a tavern in Marenia, gather ingredients, and start cooking!

Run the adventure tavern how you like! Collect ingredients and cook new dishes above 600! You get level ups not by defeating monsters, but by eating food. Train your characters, conquer new dungeons, and aim to get new ingredients through exploration, farming, fishing, and many more ways!

What will your tavern be like?

Marenian tavern story is based on the highly popular Android game called Adventure bar story which is also a restaurant simulation + turn based RPG game. It got the same concept, the same feel, but of course with more feature.

Marenian tavern story is a turn based RPG game where you can cook, eat, collect, fight and explore. You will be fighting the monster to get the ingredients that you can use to cook up some food so that you can get more money to run the tavern.

Of course by doing so, you will advanced the story and unlocked more feature in the game from Garden to grow your plants, to a more advance gear and cookware that can be use to travel further in the game.

This game is a paid game, however you can download it and tried the trial for free before buying the full game. Honestly this game has a pretty nice storyline, and a pretty good game play, but the graphic is just so so especially when you go out to explore or to collect the material, and another thing that you need to watch out for is the death forever 2% loading screen error in this game.

If you got this problem, then you must have exited the game by using your center button which minimize the game. Now, 1 in a 3 case is that your data will be gone, and you will need reinstall it, and start from over. So, for those that have just started playing this game, i hope that you will use the back button to exit the game, because if you don’t you will definitely regret it.

So, if you are interested in trying or playing the game then i suggest you to check out its trial game in the link below!

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