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Atelier Online Review – The Newest Atelier Series that You can Play with Your Friends!

Atelier Online – The newest Atelier Series that you can play with your friends!

If you are a RPG gamers, then you will definitely know the Atelier Series. The atelier series is one of the most popular japan game series and mainly focus on Crafting and Synthesizing things.

The player will usually follow the story line that revolves around crafting, using mana and so on. This game series is pretty good in my opinion, and the good thing is that the new and improve atelier online is out now.

The game Atelier online is supposed to be released in 2017, however because of some reason the game got delayed and was only released 2018. This game use all of the essence of Atelier series game which is crafting, collecting and questing.

You will be playing as either a boy or a girl in an alchemist school. In short, you will be going to school, doing some quest and collecting some material to finish the quest, and sometimes you will need to explore the map to collect new ingredients so that you will be able to make more things.

Anyway, the game is a turn based RPG game, you can play with either your friends or alone in this game. While exploring, you will find someone else, and then you can help them killing the monster if they are in need of help. I think the game in general is pretty good, however the only problem is the language, and there hasn’t been an announcement about a global release.

If i got some English patch i will definitely give it to you guys here. So stay tune!