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There has been a hype for Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, and the recent release of Ragnarok Mobile tencent. It is because today, at October 31, the release of the game has been made. You can now officially download the game and play it on your mobile phone, android or iOS.

You will mostly need more than 1.4 GB Storage space to download the game. Inside, like any other Ragnarok game, you will be creating your character, and choosing your Gender.

After that you will be given a tutorial about how to play the game in general, and what to do in the game.

Well, like any other Mobile game, there will be an auto function that you can utilize in the game, for example the auto navigation (If you hate those type of game, then this game is definitely not for you).

Anyway, asides from that, it is the usual Ragnarok game with a little bit of Mobile tweak to it. You can use your analog to move your character. Tap the monster and then your character and click on attack and then your character will attack.

You can also use your skill to deal more damage to the enemies. Like the original game, you will also be able to change your jobs, thief, mage, swordsman, acolyte, archer, merchant. Of course each with their own skill and abilities that you can use or utilize.

Anyway, the game can now be downloaded in Google play store or iTunes, so check them out!

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