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We have already know this that any genre of MOBA game is a copy of DOTA, and League of legends. Of course, this includes the popular games like Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor. However, did you know that VainGlory is one of the earliest MOBA games that is available on your smartphone, which is release on 2014, AOV on October 2016 and ML on July 2016.

If you are a Vain Glory player, then you might want to check out some of these tips that you can use to play the game.

1. Know each Role

Each heroes have a role on it. Each role will determine what heroes will do in the arena. For example Ringo which has a ranged attack and skill are more suited in the back dealing damage and taking the kill, while a Tanker like Catherine will needs to protect the back and go in front to be a meat sack.

2. See The Map

You need to be careful of other people jungler and killer. Because they will definitely aim for you especially if you are a paper thin damage dealer. Which is why, you need to always check the map, because it will be one of your lifeline. See the enemies in your allies lane or missing in action, and be very careful.

3. Check before killing the minions

You know, one of the worst beginner mistake is to go in front, every time a minion have spawn. You will need to check the bush, or even be extra careful before going in for the kill. Don’t let the enemies ambush you just for some minions. If you die, you will be a bother for your team. So, please don’t be stupid!

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4. Jungling is important, but Minions too

For those that have a Jungler as a role, you will need to know this. Jungling are important, but also minion. Think of it as an extra EXP, Gold and buff that you can get, but never forget Minions. Because minions are the best EXP source that you can get regularly. Which is why, only jungle after finishing the minions in your lane. Ask for help if you can’t do it alone.

5. Item Builds don’t need to be the same

This tip is more useful for tank role. Because they will need to adapt in the battle. For example, if there are more magic attacker in the arena, try to change your build to magic resist, and others. Which means that every single item that you use will differ in each battle. And for that you will need to understand each items usage. So read first before battling.

So there you have it, 5 tips that you can use in Vain Glory. Got any other tips you want to share? Comment down below and discuss it with us!

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