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Best Puzzle Games for Android – Boost Your Kids IQ!

We have to admit that nowadays kids can’t be separated with gadget. They almost 24/7 be with it. Either on the social media, or just playing some game on it.

Of course, there are pros and cons on using the gadget. If you focus on the pros, as a parents you can install some apps that can be educative and fun. Which is why, today we will give you some of the best puzzle game to boost your kids IQ!

1. Educational Game


Puzzles are games for children that are used as fun and as an instrument to improve memory and concentration. Edujoy’s educational puzzles contain fun images of our main character, the raccoon, and his animal friends, so that children improve their visual perception and memory skills through colorful drawings and pieces of different sizes and shapes.

2. Food Puzzle For Kids


Do your kids love puzzles? Look no further. Food Puzzle for Kids is a fun animated puzzle game for toddlers including those with autism, preschoolers, and children from ages 1 to 6. This puzzle game helps your kids develop matching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing more than 100 different Food Puzzles in 8 categories – fruits, vegetables, drinks, desserts, meals, fruits 2 and vegetables 2.

The game includes animations, pronunciations of food names and interactivity for easy learning. It will teach your kids all foods and yet you will never be worried about them losing any piece of the puzzles! No more cries and missing pieces!

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3. Puzzle Game for Toddler


Kids Puzzle Game for Toddlers is new and totally free, fun and educational learning game for preschool children, kids and toddlers, featuring 25 amazing colorful cartoon style animal illustrations. Stunning high quality cartoon art, drawn by professional illustrator, increasing difficulty level, balloon popping rewards, candies and lot of fun!

4. Dinosaurs Puzzle


Welcome to the world of awesome ancient creatures! These friendly dinosaurs want to be your new best friends and invite you to join them in these fun puzzle games for kids.

5.Princess Puzzle


Princess Puzzle is a puzzle for kids. The game is a educational puzzle game with princess themes that is available for kids of all age, children, preschoolers, or even todlers. Your child, preschooler or toddler can play for hours and hours with this educational games. Care to try it out?

6. Fruits and Vegetable


“Fruits and vegetables Puzzle Game” is a free and wonderful educational game for toddler, babies, preschool, kindergarten and nursery kids. Your kids and you both enjoy our free educational game after play it. This game have collection of delicious fruits and healthy vegetables.

Food Puzzle Game For Kids is a fun free game with plenty of brain teasers. The player must drag, move and drop food pieces onto the right spots to completely fill the blocks on the main grid. This is a challenging and brain-training puzzle game that requires your kid to think carefully about what one is doing when getting different food arranged on a free Food block puzzle.

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7. Children Puzzle for Kids Pets


Children Puzzle for Kids Pets (Animal Puzzle) – This is a free puzzle game for kids. It is a simple game for children aged 2 years, 3 years old
The game Children Puzzle can also be use helps toddlers develop motor skills – coordination and precision. Little ones will love being able to compose a simple puzzle consisting of colored images. Each image is divided into five parts, which adapts to the shadows.

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