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Chang’e Mobile Legend Tips and Tricks – How To Play as an Annoying Bunny

If you are a Mobile Legend Player then you might already know about the hero that we are going to review and make her guide today. Yep, Chang’e, The Bunny Girl.

Chang’e is a Mage type hero that use her skill to deal damage as of any other mage type heroes. Most of her skill has a really low CD, with a really annoying mini stun if all of her first skill hits. Added with her stack, she will be one of the most annoying Mage of all time.

However she has a paper thin health, making her one of the most easiest hero to be killed, and so for today’s guide, we will give you her item build, her spells, and most importantly how to avoid being dumb.


Item Reason
Rapid Boots is a really important item for Chang’e mainly for its survive ability.
This item will be able to have chang’e in a safer position.
Enchanted Talisman is another important item for Chang’e mainly for its MP regeneration.
This item is also useful for the Cooldown reduction that can be use to reduce the skill Cooldown.
Which is pretty useful to spam more skill.
Ice Queen Wand Great for running. This item will also slow any target, ensuring your first skill hit.
The added Mana, and Movement speed buff are also useful for her survive ability.
With this item, you can spam your skill to your chaser and then easily stun them.
Glowing Wand I mainly pick this item for its movement speed, and HP buff.
And because of that. This item is pretty useful. Just like Ice Queen Wand.
This item will ensure your survive ability in the battle. Added with the Scorch Passive,
That enable her to deal damage for any enemies based on their max health.
This item will make Chang’e deal more damage.
Holy Crystal is probably one of the least useful item for chang’e.
However, if you combine it with calamity reaper, It will be one of the best item for her.
This item will give you 25% more magic.Can be change with : Winter Truncheon for more surviveability
Calamity Reaper Combination item with Holy Crystal, In the late game where chang’e stack has been fulled.
This item will boost her overall damage. Making Chang’e one of the worst damage dealer for Chang’e.


Spell Reason
Chang’e  will need some way to ensure her survive ability, which is why i suggest you to use flicker.
This spell will be useful if you are ganked in some way.
Purify is also useful if there are plenty of stunner like saber or eudora. Your item already have Movement speed
added with cc immunity, you will be a lot harder to catch.
Scout is useful to see if you will be ganked by the enemies. There are not much to say about this spell.
Just use it like wards around the map.

How to use :

I suggest you to max out skill 2 Biu Biu Biu first, and then take ultimate whenever available, and use skill 2 whenever available. You see, your main goal is to not die at all.

There are 2 reason, which is one to not feed the enemies team, and lastly to maintain your stack. Each stack will give you 40 Magic attack, but it will need almost 40 Stack that can be diminish each time she die. Which is why, try not to die at all even if you need to sacrifice your friends.

Another thing that you need to remember if you are using Chang’e, try to spam your skill in the back lane. You will very useful if you can spam it. It is because of your mini stun and damage. So be very careful. Nothing much can be said if you are using Chang’e except, sacrifice everything.

So there you have it, a great guide about Chang’e, The Annoying Bunny. Do you want another funny guide like this, comment down below for more!

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