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Lunox Mobile Legend Tips and Tricks – How to Play as Both Dark and Light Side!

Who else have a Black and White Figure in Mobile legend? Well, you guess it right! Today we will give you a review of Lunox!

Lunox!!! The META of Season 10 is one of the worst enemies for all heroes. She has slow, Heal, Damage, and most importantly damage immunity. She is definitely an All in one heroes. However, she can be a little confusing to use.

Which is why today we will try to give you some the tips and tricks to play the game. The tips will includes Equipment, Spell, and lastly how to use her.


Item Reason
Arcane Boots probably one of the best Move item for lunox, because of the magic penetration.
However, You can change it with Magic Boots.
It is because of lunox passive that can change any Cooldown item into Magic Resist / Penetration
Depending on her Dark or Light side.
Enchanted Talisman This is probably one of Lunox Main item If you are not using Buff.
And even if you are using it, this item will help you in any way, first of all.
The Cooldown reduction will be change into magic resist / penetration.
The Added mana regen will also be a real help for you, as such try to get this item Immediately.
Concentrated energy a really great item if you wanted to win the game.
This item will give you more damage, More durability, and most importantly, Spell Vamp.
Try to get this item as fast as possible. Because with it you can “Dream” your whole enemy out and kill them.
Thunder Truncheon I mainly use this item to activate the Magic Assassin Talent, Magic Worship.
The Talent enable you to deal damage over time, but you will need to deal 3 Magic Damage,
For over 7% the targeted Health. With Thunder truncheon, you will be able to deal 2 times magic damage.
So you will only need 1 more.
Devil Tear This item will be useful if you are up with a tank. If you are not, then use another item like…

Holy Crystal, or Winter Truncheon 

Blood Wings You will already have most of your damage item. Which means that you will need more health.
I suggest you to take Blood Wings if you want more Survive ability and damage.
But, you can also change this item with others defense items such as Immortal.


Spell Reason
In a way, Lunox will need to run, especially if your Light ultimate is on cooldown. which is why, flicker is one of the best.
Purify Another Spell for lunox. This item is mainly for silent hero like Natalia, or Helcurt.
With this item you can Immediately use your ultimate if you are silent by them, and even counter them.
Retribution is a good spell if you are using Lunox as a mid laner, This will help her farm more and get fat faster.

How to use

You see, using Lunox is actually pretty simple, play her aggressively in the early game. Why? Because your skill hurt so much more even in the early game. If you already have your ultimate. Remember to use your dark ultimate skill and immediately spam it. It will even kill the tankiest tank in the early game.

Now, for the mid – late game. This is where it gets tricky. You will need to balance yourself in the light side. Why? So that you will be able to run away from any enemies if you are ambushed. Simply use light and dark in turn to do that. If you are going for a war. Try to go in with light first to anticipate stun and so on. And then use your dark ultimate if you can.

Another tips that most people don’t know is that, your dark skill can also be use for running. So remember that please.

So the above are some easy tips that you can use to play Lunox.

If you have any question try to comment down below so that we are able to answer those. Got any other hero you want us to cover? Comment down below.

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