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Attack on Titans Tactics is Available for Pre-Register!

If you like the Attack on Titans anime, then you will definitely love this game that we are going to give you. YEP!!! Attack on titans Tactics is available for your mobile phone!!

The game is still on development right now, but you can already pre-register the game. There are also some game play video that you can see below.

As you can see above, the game is a lot like tower defense game. You will need to defense your base from the titans attack by using bunch of the anime character like Mikasa, Eren, and so on. Sadly though, the game will be in Japanese, the good news is though, that you will be able to play it in the late December 2018. And if you Pre-registered you will be able to get some exclusive gifts from the game.

So if you are interested we recommend you to check out the link below!


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