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Ragnarok M Eternal Love Secret Guide for Making the All Purpose Mastela Fruit

Since Ragnarok M is very popular nowadays, plenty of people are searching for a guide that can make their gameplay much more easier. Today we will give you good guide about how to make Mastela Fruit from the scratch.

If you are an original Ragnarok Player, then you must know that Mastela Fruit is one of the high tier heal item that can heal your health. It is also one of the most expensive item that can be exchange in the vending shop and is an all time favorite item that can be sell anywhere you want depending on the price.

It also serve the same purpose in the Ragnarok Mobile, but most people use it for money making / zeny making.

Now, for the guide, Did you know that in Ragnarok M, you actually need to make the Mastela fruit? Well, now you know, the mastela fruit needs to be made with this recipe. 5 Mastela Seeds, Honey, and 10.000 Zeny.

The NPC that craft mastela fruit can be found in prontera in the map above, he is named Mitt and is the admin of official events, oh and the ingredients that you wanted can be found in exchange where you can buy all the things from other people, for example:

The Price range of seed of mastela can be between 40.000 – 45.000 zeny nowadays. Which you will need about 5 per Mastela seeds, which will cost you about 225.000 zeny

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For the next ingredients which is 1 honey, it is also an Item that can be found in the exchange for 6.000 – 8.000 zeny depending on the market price.

You will need about 233.000 zeny + 10.000 zeny fee which will cost you for about 243.000 zeny in total. The exchange rate of 1 mastela will be 269.000 zeny and up which will leave you in surplus. So don’t wory about it, but i myself do recommend you to keep the mastela fruit for yourself, because the price will went up again since Mastela is use for Pet accessory, high end gear, and so on. However, if you are in need of quick money, then mastela is your man.

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