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7 Popular Pixel Games that Similar with PUBG

Hi, hello there. Are you playing PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)? Have you started to love the genre and want to try out new, or even with a different look offerings in the same genre? Pixel? What… Yeah guys, we bring you the 7 Best Pixel Games like PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS that will show you the different meanings of battle royale games.
Check out this amazing list below and choose your favorite one from these 7 Best Pixel Games like PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG).


FPS Shooter as the developer managed to present the pubg game with a very epic pixel display. PIXELS UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS have been downloaded more than 10M worldwide and received a rating of 4.1. With an apk size of no more than 93mb does not make this game minimal features.
Some of the features offered by pixel’s unknown battle ground like skins for every taste, graphics settings for the weak phones, in-game auto, live chat, auto shooting, massive map size, and easy, intuitive control.

2. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Not to be outdone by fps shooter, gamespire ltd. As a game developer, introducing a similar game called grand battle royale: pixel fps. Similar to pubg you can find the best weapons: assault rifle, pixel gun, smg, rifle and other weapons. Dominate the battlefield by taking on each other’s opponents and being the last survivor #1!
With an installation size of only 18MB grand battle royale: pixel fps offers features similar to PUBG, such as pixel graphics & blocky characters. Survive gun games against other players! Battle in online multiplayer games with intense PVP gameplay against players around the world! Get guns will randomly appear, so search the ground thoroughly! Just like in true 3D block survival games, you can purchase any pixel block strike skins. Grab a pixel gun and dive into battle. Survive while you playing in the big blocky city.
Take your pixel gun and get shot!

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3. URB: Last Pixel Battle Royale

Downloaded more than 1m in the whole world and get a rating of 4.4 on google play making this game deserve to be included in this list. With an installation size of 85MB, super games studio managed to bring in a battle royal game similar to PUBG.
Features that are not much different like pubg, features play with friends in squad game mode up to 4 players! Massive game world. Explore it all! Huge arsenal of various weapons! You can purchase any pixel block strike skins. Search secret places! Find royal weapons! Win only one!

4. Block Unknown Battle Royale

Games that are very similar to URB: Last Pixel Battle Royale even though with brighter colors do not make this game fail to get interested. Launching on November 6, 2018 Block Unknown Battle Royale comes with an installation size of 30M. And 10K players have been downloaded worldwide. Equipped with awesome graphics, many types of weapons, large map size, and easy intuitive controls. make this game worthy of being included in this list.


PIXEL’S UNKNOWN BATTLE GROUND is the predecessor of this game. Subordinated by the same developer, FPS Shooter. Downloaded more than 100K in Playstore and got a 4.4 rating. Not inferior to its predecessor NONPLAYERS BATTLE ROYALE offers many features, such as: team battles, battle royale, zombie mode, themes for all tastes, graphics for all mobile phone, more than 30 types of weapons, shooting automatically, large maps, dead zone, and easy intuitive controls.

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6. Battle Craft Survival

With a very adorable graphic display, Battle Craft Survival game from Brazilian managed to steal the attention of players from all over the world. Downloaded more than 500K worldwide and got a rating of 4.2 making this game a must try. Although it is present as an offline mobile game, making it lose the Multiplayer feature does not make this game fail to be included in this list. This game is still worth trying for you. With complementary features like auto-fire, offline mode, save zone, easy control and intuitif, big maps, and the graphics worth it for all mobile phone.

7. Pixel Battle: Royale Killer

If you are looking for a multiplayer online game like PUBG but with graphics for all mobile phones, then Pixel Battle: Royale Killer is the answer. You have different weapons like Pistols, SMG, Rifles, Snipers, Grenades and RPGs to destroy the enemy base camps. With many features like Addictive Shooting Missions, Amazing Battle Environment, Great 3D Graphics, Smooth and Easy Controls, Hide and Cover under Objects.

That was the 7th mobile game that could be considered populer pixel game similar PUBG in 2018 to date. These games are certainly very feasible for you to download. The first recommendation that must be tried is PIXELS UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Which is your choice?

Battle Craft SurvivalBlock Unknown Battle RoyaleGrand Battle Royale: Pixel FPSNONPLAYERS BATTLE ROYALEPixel Battle: Royale KillerPixel Games that Similar with PUBGPIXELS UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDSURB: Last Pixel Battle Royale