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WorldNeverland Game Review – A Cute Simulation online game that you had always wanted from the sims

I have always love the sims game since the first of its series. I like the concept of where you can control a character, make them marry whoever you want, and control all of their needs and what you can give them. The only problem about the game is that you can’t play it anywhere you want, years later, in mobile device, i finally find a game that has a similar feels to The sims, The game is called World Neverland.


This kingdom welcomes immigrants from any country. Let’s live in this kingdom! This may not be a game. Eternal time to get family and take over to descendants. Unprecedented, stand-alone RPG and life simulator. Let’s start the kingdom life now. It’s everything You want in a RPG. Let’s immigrate to the free and peaceful kingdom and enjoy your another life.

This game is what you always wanted in a simulation rpg game an Adventure, a Relationship, Farm, and all. This game has it all. You will start first as a stranger in a new land. You will begin your adventure with some tutorial about the game, which will include some menial task that will get through the game like picking up herbs, fighting, collecting some milk, talking and so on that will teach you the basic of the game in general.

In Elnea Kingdom, there is no set goal. You make your own goal, You can be a farmer, an adventurer, a forager, or even a playboy that seduce all of the woman in the kingdom, but the thing that most people do is to save up some money so that you can buy a house and become the citizen of the kingdom, Married a strangers, and then makes babies together.

This game also have battle system with some monster that you will encounter during your exploration in a dungeon. The battle system is pretty basic, with some turn based attack and defense. You can also invite the character or your friends in the kingdom to do some exploration together. Which will makes the battle much easier. After that, use the money that you had collected to upgrade your gears and weapon to do some more exploring.

The Elnea Kingdom can be played in your Android and iOS phone for free. So if you are interested, i suggest you to check it out.

App Rating : WorldNeverland - Elnea Kingdom (Free)

WorldNeverland Game Review
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