By Diara Yudha / / Android Games

Stranded on an island. Without remembering how you got on this island, at the beginning of the game you only know that you have to survive in the wild. Survival is not an easy task. You need various abilities, such as finding food, hunting, crafting some primitive tools, and building a shelter. Any ability that can make you survive in the wild is very much needed by you in playing this game.

At the beginning of the game you are a limp person opening a mysterious box. Without instructions, players must survive. Your adventure survives with only capacity of 200 MB, players can explore the wild. all you need is about survival needed in this game.

Game features:

  • Explore the wilderness!
  • Build your house from the ground up
  • Utilize an extensive crafting system with tons of recipes!
  • Meet the island fauna!
  • Island survival sandbox simulator.

Launched February 15, 2018, Survival Island: Evolve has been downloaded more than 10M worldwide, and the Pro version is more than 5M (Android and iOS). Available in 10 languages, making survivors not only from one country.

As a tips, survivors begin with chopping wood in the forest and craft primitive tools to avoid attacking wild animals, with armor will make you stronger. Don’t starve, survivor: collect all available resources to keep yourself fed. In this game players need to check the character’s health regularly, making this game more real. A stranded human will be very disturbed. Lack of food, fatigue, stinging cold air, it’s wild!

Online multiplayer is still under development and will be available soon. Of course these features are very suitable for survivors, meet others, share tips and tricks in the game. And when you don’t know it, the Survival Island version: Evolve Pro is currently on Promo until November 5, 2018. With the normal price of $ 0.99, for this week it’s free.

You must try to be a survivors in Survival Island: Evolve, of course, with the Standard or Pro versions that are in the promo period, it’s your choice. We highly recommends the Pro version of this game, so what are you waiting for, before the promo time runs out. Let’s download and become survivors right now!

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