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The PUBG Offline Game Alternative, Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground!

Everyone knows PUBG. The game achieving success at a very young age, not reaching 1 year it has been downloaded more than 100 million worldwide. WOW!

PUBG is a game on the medium-high rank, the minimum RAM of 2 GB and the need for an stable internet connection besides the need for storage capacity that reaches approximately 2 GB.

If you are traveling far, maybe to inter-city, or traveling to an area with an internet connection that is not good, you might have to try to Blood Rivals: Survival Battleground Shooting Games. The perfect alternative PUBG game.

It is similar to PUBG, but it is offline game. The game developed by Phoenix Games. They try to steal the attention of mobile-based offline FPS games fans. Downloaded more than 10 thousand times.

This offline game comes with very small specifications compared to PUBG. With 175MB large file, doesn’t make this game have a bad storyline and quests. You can play various interesting maps!

Even though the graphical display that is inferior to PUBG, it doesn’t make this game unfit to be a substitute for PUBG when you lose the internet.

Blood Rivals has 3 modes, Classic mode, Death Match, and Free Mode. With minimum 512 RAM players can already play this game. For those of you who don’t have a smartphone with a large specification, it is a perfect substitute for PUBG, Roonby recommends.

The player will start by driving a helicopter (too), but the plunge scene with the parachute is removed, the player will land immediately and have a weapon in hand.

Even so, players can still collect enemy weapons. Driving a car? Yes, you can! The game is very similar to PUBG, so the features of driving a car are available too in this game.

Offline is Boring!

Don’t make decisions too fast, you have to listen to this one. Blood Rivals: Battlegrounds can also be ONLINE. Players can play online with All vs All or using Team modes. Interested? This lightweight game carry 2 modes, offline and online in 1 game.

Are you interested in meeting Roonby in online mode? Or you just interested in offline mode? It is your choice! Maybe we can play together! See you…

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