Yuzu Emu – Play Any Nintendo Switch Game with This Emulator!

The hype of Nintendo Switch is becoming more and more since the release of Pokemon Let’s go, and because of that plenty of people that don’t even have Nintendo Switch are dying to try the game. Mainly because of the Pokemon game.

Pokemon itself has a really large fan base from the start of its series making itself one of the most biggest game franchise of all time. Even if the game itself is a flop (see, the reason why we hate Pokemon Let’s Go), some of the fan base will surely buy it because of how popular the game is.

Whatever the reason is, you will still wanted to play the game, but what if you can’t because you don’t have the device? Well, You can easily play the game by using this emulator called Yuzu.

Yuzu Emu is the first Nintendo Switch emulator. It is created by the developer that also created the all time favorite Citra emulator, which is also a 3DS Emulator that works and running right now. If by chance you want to check out the apps. You can download it in the link here.