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Hey guys, who love cats? Taps Cats Battle Arena allows you to have cats and fight with your super cats against the other. This game developed by Screenzilla, a free CCG game that offers battles with super cats.

This cartoon cat theme game is very similar to the CCG game, Spellstone. In this game, the battery is energy for you to explore the story before the energy runs out. Maybe you haven’t felt it yet, because your energy will return very quickly and they do it starting with a number of refills that are pretty good.

It means you can continue playing quite a lot unlike Spellstone which takes a long time just for an energy. Even so you will get XP and gold as a replacement to energy. Gold use to buy a basic pack containing a random x1 cat card for 1000 gold.

In general, sword icon is an attack, they will attack each your turn, heart is life, change 0 to knock down. The timer means it takes one turn for him to attack. And if no enemy cats are in front of your cats. The cats directly attack enemy hero. You win by reducing the enemy hero to zero. Very basic and standard as far as the game goes.

You can also fight with other players from this game, but i suggest you to upgrade level of your card, for first. Collecting many card and build a powerfull deck. Because if you enter the PVP Match it may get better difficult after game is released, it will has a higher player base and fight for rank and become Strongest Cat Gang.

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Every cat card has its own abilities, such as armor, pierce, declaw, heal and many more. The cat’s level image the strength of the cat. The cat rarity is divided into 4 levels, common (green)> Rare (Blue)> Epic (Purple)> Legendary (Gold). Your deck will be very strong when you have legendary cats in it and to upgrade the card to be stronger, you need tuna as food.

The presence of Tap Cats Battle Arena is perfect for those of you who really like the CCG / TCG game. This game is perfect for Spellstone substitutes. Unreleased status as a newcomer game.

If you are a cat lovers, you must play this game! Make the strongest cat and fight with your neighboring cats. Are you interest fighting with your neighbor’s cat?

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