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After the release of the newest Heroes, Hanzo, this Tuesday, Mobile Legends has finally confirmed their next heroes updates in the original server. Hanzo himself is an assassin type heroes that focus mainly on burst damage to kill his enemies heroes easily.

Apart from that, Hanzo also has a skill that allows him to easily hunt and farm by simply using his 1 skill. He is able to kill the jungle creeps easily and he has the ability to kill enemies heroes in a safe place by using his ultimate.

He is one of the most feared enemy right now, but this article is not about him, it is about the next hero that will be release in the original server. Which will be Kadita, The Queen of the South Sea.

Quoted by one of the most trusted source on the web, @ML_Leaks, Instagram. Kadita, the Queen of South Sea will be released in the 18th December 2018. She will have her own events as of any other Mobile Legend heroes. The released date will be 2 weeks from the released date of Hanzo.

Kadita herself is a mage type heroes that focus on de-buffing her enemies from slowing and stunning them. She also have a huge burst damage by using her ultimate, and the worst part is that when she use her ultimate she will have a damage immunity for about 1,5 seconds, which allow her to easily run from any heroes in mobile legends.

Apart from Vale, She is one of the most anticipated heroes, and if you are one of those that loves to use mage type heroes. I really recommend you guys to save up 32.000 BP to buy her in 18th December.

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