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Even without the Diablo controversy, the gaming industry will still go on. There are plenty of developer that are trying to make the same type of Action RPG game that is better in all sense, and one of those game are Overlord of Oblivion that is made by the developer Neocraft Limited.

Overlords of Oblivion is a new action RPG game that has just been released on 11th December in 2018 this year. This game have the same feel as another hack and slash type of game (EX : Diablo). You can dodge, block, or even perform combos to defeat the enemies that will come to you in every way. Your goal in this game is to defeat the enemies which is the Overlords.

You can pick more than 8 heroes. Each hero will have their own unique abilities, from a warrior to wizards, to a much more interesting job like Boxer and tiger that can walk on with his two legs. Another feature that you guys might like is the Co-OP feature that enable you to play with your friends beating up the game, or if you like a much more competitive game play. There are also a PvP feature to let you enjoy the game more.

The only problem about this app is that it is p2w. Simply put, a bunch of grinding will be beaten if you put some money in the game. Of course that is reasonable, but still it take away some of the fun. However, if you don’t have a problem with micro transaction then i suggest you to play the game, because in all honesty, it is really fun.

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Overlord of Oblivion is out now in Play store and can be downloaded.

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