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Regarding the dropped Infinity Blade news on Epic Game news feed, The developer has announced that Infinity Blade will no longer be supported and will be released from app store.

The player that had bought the game can still play it, however it will not be available to purchase anymore. (Source: Epic Games). But, that doesn’t mean that the game will be forgotten, because it will now live on the all popular battle royale game called Fortnite. Epic has also released a cameo for the blade itself on the trailer of Fortnite Season 7 below the news.

And the released of Patch v7.01, on the official web confirms that the infinity blade will indeed be released on the game, as a weapon. The weapon will be available on a new mode, Close Encounter. The Infinity blade will come as a Mythic type weapon that will only be accessible in an area called Frozen Peak.

When you pick the blade, you will gain a full health, added health and shield point which is 200 in total, 1 HP and Shield / 1s regeneration and lastly each time you attack, you will deal 75 damage, which is pretty huge.

However, it comes with a cost, after you pick up the sword, all of your equipment item and inventory will be released, which means that you won’t be able to use them anymore much like Thanos Gauntlet. Hmmm, but you can still build a wall and stair in the game which is awesome.

If you are interested in the game, you can see it on this link

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