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Looks like Supercell did it again, who doesn’t know Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and so on. Right now, the Supercell team has made another on going popular game called Brawl Star. For those that didn’t know what Brawl Star is, it is a MOBA like game with a touch of everything. Start from MOBA to Battle Royale and it even has a soccer game to boot which is awesome.

If you are a newbie player then you might check out some of this tips and tricks. So you are able to win the game more easily.

1. Character

First of all, before starting, there are more than 20+ character that you can pick in the game. Each character, like any other MOBA game has their own use. From support to tank, they own has their special skill that can be use to change the flow of the game.

For example there are some character that can heal, can make a robots, and so on. Depending on which character that you choose. You will be able to change the flow of the game.

2. Weapons

After learning about game character, you will also need to understand each weapon character. For example, there are some that can do penetrative damage like that bear dude Nita. Some that can do only one line damage like Colt, or even a spread out damage like Shelly.

Each character has their own weapon, and how you utilize the weapon will make you win more. You can use barley throwing skill to throw from behind the wall, sally shotgun spread to kill the enemies from a short range, and lastly colt penetrative damage to deal massive damage in one line. It all depends on how you use them.

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3. SS can change the match

Most of you might have already know about the SS skill, and you might wonder. Why the heck did you put this in the tips?

Well, because most people didn’t know it yet. Did you know that Shelly SS Skill can stun the enemies for some time and break rocks?

Did you know that Colt SS skill has a farther range than his normal attack? or even did you know that Nita skill will go on even if you die?

The SS skill can indeed change the match. However, it will definitely depends on how you use them in general. Which is why, learn before doing first.

4. Damage Immunity must be used!

When you die, in any mode, there will be a second to revive right? Well, after reviving you will gain a damage Immunity for 4 seconds. Use that to your advantages at all time.

If you are playing in a team duo, let this tips  enlighten you. Bait your enemies to your base, and tell your friends to immediately spam your attack to kill them. This tips can help you if you play the soccer mode, and the Battle Royale mode.

5. Stop for a while to heal

This is probably the most useful tips. If you are in a pinch (Low health, low ammo, and so on). Immediately stop!

First of all, if you are low on ammo, you will definitely won’t be able to kill any thing at all. Which is why, stop first and then reload your ammo.

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Secondly, if you are low for health, just go. Especially if you are playing in a gem grab and you are taking half of your team gem.

Thirdly, don’t just randomly spam your attack, aim for them and if you need to, please reload and heal in the bush first.

6. Attack The Bush!

Even without anybody in it. Please attack a bush first before going in. It is because the game has a mechanic where if you attack the bush, you will be able to find someone in it. You don’t want to be ambushed and die right? So please attack the bush.

7. Never go in, unless you have a high health

There are plenty of character that has a high health, for example Bull, and El Primo, they both has a short range but has a high health. Most importantly, they all have an SS that can be use to easily run from the enemies. However, if you have a low health, then you will usually has a high ranged attack. So you don’t need to go in front. Remember that!

There you have it, some of the simple tips that you can use to further enhance your game play. You will be able to win every single game.

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