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Most of you guys might already know this, but Kadita the Crowd Control Princess has finally been released in the official server, and it hasn’t been a day yet but she already has been used as one of the META right now. It is because of her slow, stun, and lastly Damage immunity skill that enables her to easily goes in and out of a war, and lastly the worst thing is her Passive ability to heal damage every 30 seconds. However, that doesn’t mean that the mage is invincible. If you want to counter her. You will need to understand her passive ability first.

Kadita abilities and damage, comes from her abilities to easily stun her enemies, slow them, and lastly use her burst damage to easily kill and run from her enemies. Which is why she is feared in the ranked match, and the worst of all, she has the abilities to heal most of her damage dealed by her enemies, that makes her practically impossible to kill in the early game (If the user are good). For the most part, what you need to watch out is her passive ability which is:

For those that didn’t understand this. It means that after she is hit by any attacks (Creeps, Jungle, Hero, and Tower) she will have a delay of 4 second that she can use. Any damage that is dealed within this 4 second, will be heal by 65%. Which means that, if she is hurt in total of 1000 damage in that 4 seconds, she will heal by 650 Health Point after the end of 4 second and it has a cooldown of 30 seconds.

You will know if the passive ability is being activated by seeing the bubble that form around her, and so if you can’t kill her within that 4 seconds, she will be able to gain most of her health again. The worst thing is that, like i said most of her skill are a mobility skill and CC immunity skill that enables her to easily run away from any situation.

So? What can we do to counter her?

There are some things that you can do to easily counter her ability, for short we will give you some of the tips right here:

1. Use a really high burst damaging ability

There are some things that can be done to counter her ability, which is to use a really high burst damaging ability for example, Aurora Ice Combos, Eudora Stun Lightning Combos, and so on. The hero that got a huge amount of burst damage ability will be able to kill her with ease. Remember, the only thing that you need to understand that, if she use her ultimate, she will have a damage immunity which will make her unable to be hit by any damage. So be very careful about that.

2. NOD or BD are very important

Because she will have concentrated energy on her, and her Thalassophobia ability will heal her. She will be harder to kill without the use of NOD or BD. Which is why, if you want to render her healing ability useless. Then you would need to have one person in your team that has NOD or BD.

3. Kill her before the passive ability activate or after it activate

First of all, you need to understand that her passive have a huge cooldown and it is pretty easy to see if her passive is activated or not. Which is why, attack her first for a while, and then wait for second. After that kill her if possible. Even a single attack will activate her abilities. Which is easy to counter if you had a long ranged attacker. However, it will be very dangerous if she suddenly use her first skill or second skill because you will know that she will kill you in a matter of second.

And there you have it. Some of the tips, explanation, and guide on how to counter Kadita. If you are interested in other guide on mobile legend. Comment down below!

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