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The hype of Zeppeto apps is so high nowadays. The character that is on the apps that can move and can post. However, the app is limited to only the picture that is provided. If you are searching for a similar apps, we recommend you to check out Meitu apps, which is made by the developer XiuXiu.

Meitu is probably one of the best free photo editing apps in the world. This apps has been used by plenty of people and is endorsed by many influencers. This app is made by Chinese developer team. Beside it is use for photo editing, it also have plenty of feature that enables you to further enhance your picture. Not only that, the Anime Cam feature enable you to change your self / picture to anime.

The Anime Cam use the feature of AR (Augmented reality) that enable you to change yourself into anime in real time. Not only a picture, this app can also be use to make a short video with the anime character of yourself. This app can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

If you are interested in the app, you can download it in the link below!

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App Rating : Meitu (Free)
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