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Although gaming have come a long way in mobile, there has always been an issue regarding the connection and most frequently this day is the Analog issue which sometime is not that responsive. This issue is of course not that great in high end phone, such as Xiaomi Pocophone f1, and so on. However for those that have a low end phone, it isia big problem. If you didn’t want to change your phone then you can use this apps below to improve your analog and screen response overall.

The app is called Super Touch, an app that improve your phone responsive ability for smoother response, smoother slide, and most importantly smoother game control response. The app itself boast that it can significantly increase the device smoothness, letting your phone has an unparalleled smooth experience.

Simply download your phone, tap how much you want to smooth out your phone and tap the start smooth touch button. Wait for a while for the app to load and do its magic, and then vvoila.You will have a smoother phone.

I had use the apps on my OPPO A39, and the apps does it job well. The only problem that i got is the long loading time every time i need to activate the app. But apart from that, there isn’t any problem.

If you are interested or want to check out the app. i suggest you to download it in the link below!

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Super Touch
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