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Even if you didn’t know anime or manga, you must have known about an anime / manga called One Piece, or one you might called Monkey D Luffy. This anime is so popular that there are so many developer that are trying to make a one piece as a game of their own.

Despite the author consent Eichiro Oda. Since 2018, there are 2 one piece game that is available to be played with on your phone, from One Piece Nautical King Guild, to One piece Bounty Rush. And right now there are one more One Piece RPG game called Haki : The Lost Treasure.

For those that wanted to play the game then you can download it on the Google Play.

As of the original anime or manga. Haki The lost treasure have the same story line as the original manga / anime. The game started after the arc of “The battle of Marinford” which is the arc after the death of Ace and Whitebeard. In the game, you have the freedom choose your own character from Luffy, Zoro and Nami.

Each character has their own different type of role and skill. The gameplay is a turnbased type of rpg game that can be played automatically. However, if you use your own strategy you will more likely to win the battle. However, like any other RPG Game, level is everything. So you will need a lot of grinding to easily win the game. Apart from your own character you can also get another set of character by Gacha ing or questing.

Despite the look, the game Haki the lost treasure is pretty good. The game has a cute full voice actor with a nice cutscene that will draw you into the game. If you are a fan of the original anime, then i suggest you to try it out.

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