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We ask, and Moonton will give it to us. To improve the gameplay, there has been plenty of heroes that are being made each week in their advanced server, from Badang which is the malaysian fighter hero, and Faramis the support heroes.

We have been getting some advance hero from support, mage, to fighter. However there hasn’t been any tank heroes that has been released in the game. The last tank that we got is Belerick that is released in July 2018, and because of that plenty of tank user are complaining.

Well, now your complain has been answered. Today, in advanced server, there is a new hero that is being released called Khufra which is the newest tank hero.

Khufra is a tank heroes that got the role of initiator and crowd control. Most of his skills are a crowd control skill that enables him to dominate the fight, but the most annoying thing is his Bouncing ball skill and passive.

His Bouncing ball skill that enable him to increase his defense damage 75% – 100% of his original defense, and attack his enemies depending on the Max Health Percentages. Which means that he will be one of the most tankiest heroes if build right, but the worst part is the Passive skills that enables him to heal his max health by 6% and enable him to attack in ranged each 12 second, plus the 12 second cooldown will be reduce by 4s each time he use a crowd control skill. Which makes him practically unkillable if played right.

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Khufra will definitely dominate the fight, if used right as a tank.

What is your take on this heroes? Do you agree with our takes? Well, comment down below.

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