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Since the first release of Vale on the Mobile Legends Advance server in June 2018, there have been plenty of people that are trying to find out when will this mage hero be released on the original server. It is because Vale had what we all wanted in a mage, a superior crowd control ability, awesome burst damage powers, and most importantly a high mobility that enables him to run from top to bottom easily. Sadly, there hasn’t been any news about the release, until NOW!

The Account ML_Leaks, which originated in Indonesia (Where there are so many toxic player), announce that. The Mage hero Vale will finally be released on January 29th 2019. Which is at the end of this month in January. It is also announced that Vale Mobile Legends will also be reworked in the game. From his default skill effect to some of his passive, which enable him to increase his movement speed overall.

This release will of course make some change to the current META. What do you think? Will vale got into the META? or will he be one of the useless heroes in the game?

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