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Despite the blocky texture, we can’t deny that Minecraft does indeed inspire the gaming industry. This can be proven by the many different variation of game that is made from the Minecraft game as basic idea. This doesn’t includes not only in PC, but also in mobile. There are plenty of games that follow the leads of Minecraft in both platform.

Well, if you are searching for another variation of Minecraft with better graphic and feature, then i suggest you to check out Utopia: Origin.

Utopia origin is a game made by Hero game. It is a survival sandbox game genre where you will need to survive in the virtual world. At the start of the game, you will get to see a spirit that will act as your guide to survive in the game world (Tutorial). Like the other survival game (cough : Minecraft), you will need to build shelter, cook your food, and gather resources that are scattered in the game.

The scattered resource can also be use to make some tools and structure that can then enhance your living ability in the game. You can make a single shelter from woods to a castle after some time depending on the resource that you had. Like i said from before, the resource can be use to craft some tools, from axe, cooker, bow, sword, or even wands that can be used to hunt a monster for meat and so on.

One of the cutest aspect of this game is that you can tame an animal to be your companion, from dragons to unicorn. There are plenty of mythical creature that you can use in Utopia. Aside from that, you can also fish, and mine for resource in the game. This game can also be enjoyed with your friends online by using a multiplayer server much like Minecraft.

Anyway, i really recommend you to check out this game. If you are interested in the game, click on the link below to download it!

App Rating : Utopia: Origin - Play in Your Way (Free)

Survival Sandbox GameUtopia: Origin
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