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MMORPG is one of the most popular genre that is liked by many people. However, there isn’t that many MMORPG game that are good and can satisfy the needs of their player.

So, why not get a game that let you do everything! Not Possible? Well guess again, Try Trulion Online!

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Trulion is an open world sandbox MMORPG with a complex player guided economy where each individual’s actions shape the world around them, and you are limited by your own ambition. Want to corner the market on a certain product? Want to become a bandit? Bounty hunter? Animal tamer? Or maybe a caravan merchant, delivering trade goods to cities and helping to grow their economy? Or perhaps you will become a guild leader that manages to conquer the world? Maybe in the end, you just want to be a simple craftsman, and have your own shop in town. Anything is possible, in Trulion

Truliononline is a brand New open world sand box MMORPG where you can do anything that you want. This game use the concept of Minecraft, except with 2D graphic. The entire world is made by you as a player including the economy. If you want to sell a cheap diamond and expensive stone, then so be it. It all depends on you.

Besides that, as mention above, you can do anything that you want live of by stealing another player by becoming a bandit, hunt down the criminals as a bounty hunter or even managing goods by being a merchant. Well your choice! there are so many endless possibilities that you can do with this game. However, since it is still in beta, there might be some bug that you will find in the game. Which is why if you find any, please contact the developer so that they can fix it.

Anyway, if you are interested in the game., click on the link below to download.

App Rating : Trulion Online (Unreleased) (Free)

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