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Although Old, Ragnarok is one of the most popular franchise that is loved by many. The Original Ragnarok online even got so many private server from Nova RO, Thor, and so on. Which makes sense that the Ragnarok M Eternal Love game is so popular right now, because it is one of the most seek port game.

Albeit a bit different from its original. It is still got the same feel and nostalgia, and because of that there are still plenty of people that like and play the game. And so, today we will give you some basic guide to play the game.

1. Jobs

Like the original game, Ragnarok has plenty of job that you can choose from, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Now, there are 6 jobs currently ranging from Acolyte (Healer), Swordsman (Tanker), Thief (DPS), Archer (DPS), Merchant (Tanker), and Mage (DPS). For more information about each jobs advantages or disadvantages you could click on, Jobs Explanation

2. Stamina

Like any mobile game sadly, ragnarok m also have a stamina limit. Now, you will have a stamina of 300 minutes (Yes Minutes) that will be reset every day. This stamina will be used if you kill a monster, and the amount of time that you needed to kill a monster will be subtracted from your stamina. For example, if it takes you 5 seconds to kill one monster, then 5 second will be subtracted from your original 300 minutes making it 299minutes and 55s. So what will happen if your stamina dropped to red? well, your EXP and Item Drop rate will drastically lower, making you almost unable to level or grind. There are some way to increase your stamina by listening to a song below prontera city, which will increase your stamina by 60 minutes, however the song is not free and you will need to play 10.000Z for one use. So only rich people can use it again and again.

3. Daily Quest / Side Quest

To easily Increase your level in the long run, like any other mobile game. Ragnarok implement the use of daily quest to give you some item and exp that can be use to easily level up. Daily Quest will be available in the big city. It will give you a hefty reward so be sure to finish them if you could.

4. Pets are life

Although not implemented in the original game. Pets in Ragnarok m eternal love is so useful, that even a single poring can give you a hefty rewards. It is because the Ragnarok M Eternal love implement the pet labor. It is a system where you can use your slave as a way to get experience points by sending them to work. Aside from that, you can also use your slave to gather some resource for you to upgrade your things, and it come of cheap as well because you will only need to give your slave a simple meal (Pet feed), and pet them occasionally. It is a win win solution.

Above are some of the tips that will help you with the basic. If you need some help, comment down below and we will try to give you the solution.

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