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The popularity of Ragnarok M eternal love has been so insane since the global release. There are plenty of people globally including in Asia that are so crazy about the game. Those that even willingly put out their hard earn money in the game.

One guy spent about 360.000 BCC or a whooping $62.000 USD on an item called Key of Heaven. During the last minute of the bidding, there are only 2 bidders which are from China and Indonesia. Players all around the world are going crazy over the bidding; some cheering, and some are salty by the amount of money that the bidder waste upon. In the end, The item goes to the account called MambaaElChap from Indonesia server.

The other item Golden Thief Bug Card was also sold for about $20.000 USD or  110,956 BCC. It was sold to Pupushii of EN12.

Here are all of the item sold in Auction this week:

  • Clock Tower Manager Card sold for 5,136 BCC to rsnick (TH155)
  • Golden Thief Bug Card sold for 110,956 BCC to Pupushii (EN12)
  • Deviling Card sold for 19,633 BCC to Trisakti (EN9)
  • Goblin Leader Card sold for 59,035 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Maya Card sold for 22,528 BCC to YOUEX8 (TH83)
  • Kobold Leader Card sold for 69,896 BCC to Winzza (ID43)
  • Mistress Card sold for 8,176 BCC to Selvaria (ID32)
  • Moonlight Flower Card sold for 92,880 BCC to 洛雨 (CN1)
  • Eddga Card sold for 82,861 BCC to Winzza (ID43)
  • Key of Heaven sold for 360,000 BCC to MambaaElChap (ID1)

A total sum of 831,101 BCC or 141,012 USD for this week’s auction in Ragnarok M Eternal Love (SEA). Which is crazy! Just for about 2 weeks of auction, the game had gain more than 150,000 USD overall. It might lead to some controversy, but the person itself didn’t mind losing $62.000 for a single in game item.

For those that wanted to know, the item sold Key of Heaven is a mount that you can use to increase your basic movement speed by 50. It can be use by all jobs and the most beautiful mount taking the shaped of a winged unicorn. Overall, the mount is still new to the server and will certainly be one of the most favorite mount in the game. However for that price, one might think again.

What do you think about this news? Are you willing to give the same amount of money to the dev for a single mount? Well, Comment down below, because we are interested in what you think over all.

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