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For those that love the MMORPG game that can be play on computer then you are in luck, because this year in early 2019, The GamesBeans Ltd is doing some colaboration with Naddic game making a mobile version of your favorite MMORPG Game, Closer Online.

The Mobile Version will be available in Android platform first for an Open Beta. The release has actually been planned 6 month before the Beta, through their Original Facebook Fanpage, Closer Online. For those that wanted to play the game you can try it on Google Play.

Gameplay wise, this mobile version of Closer is very different from the original PC version. While The PC Version has a bit leeway in control, the mobile version can only move sideway which is right and left only. The concept is still the same, which is hack and slash.

The battle itself is manual, so for those that are searching for non auto game, then you might want to check this game out. You are free to control your character in the arena, albeit still within the area of control. The game play though is a bit similar to other MOBA game like attacking, skill, moving, dodging and so on.

Anyway, the game story is 2020 in Seoul, there will be a Monster outbreak. It will invade and destroy the whole town. Now, your job is as a closer, which has the power to close the dimension gate which is the center of all monster outbreak. You can use only 1 character at first, finishing the quest will unlock a different character that you can use.

Each character has their own skill and usage, so you won’t be bored with only one. Closer Online itself is the game that is released by Nexon on 2014, and it has gain popularity throughout the web. If you had played the game and love it, I really suggest you to try the game!

Note: sadly the game is currently available on Android only, and is still in China. But expect some English release in the near future.

App Rating : Closer Mobile (Free)

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