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One of the most popular game genre nowadays might be the Trading Card game genre. Since the release of Artifact that is made by Blizzard, there are plenty of big developer that try to make the same hype for the same genre.

Square Enix for example, one of the most popular developer in Japan for its Final Fantasy Series just a few days earlier had made its announcement that they are going to make their own version of card game called Final Fantasy Digital Card game.

The game is said to be released and accessible on Open beta on 18 to 25 January 2019 and will be released on PC and Mobile Platform. However, this game will only be open for 10.000 people only for 1 week. Which is why, if you haven’t pre-registered on the game yet, i suggest you to do it as soon as possible!

The game will deliver their own original character from the huge range of final fantasy franchise to the card game. The game will use a turn based system in which the player can strategize themselves in their turn in using what card to counter and dominate the enemy team.

Like any other card game, you will need to use your best deck, and do some strategy number with your card to beat your enemy team. The interesting is however, there are a level up card system that enables you to power up each card. Hmmm, there are not much known about the feature implemented in the game yet. So we will still need to wait for the beta test.

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Check out the official site on the linkĀ

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