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Dark Souls is one of the world hardest game that offer a completely different type of genre that is both hard and challenging at the same time. It even got its own genre called the Soul Like game genre, it offer the same type setting.

However, there isn’t any Souls like game genre that is made for mobile phone, until Animus Harbinger that is made by Tenbirds comes to play.

Animus Harbringer itself is a challenging action RPG Game, with a hack and slash system. Player will play and battle in real time with the most interesting emo themed 3D Graphic.

In this game, player will move the character by using a virtual joystick that is loaded with bunch of command like, light attack, heavy attack, dodge, heal and so on. There are also a feature called berserk mode that lets you gain more attack damage in return for your defense.


As the story goes on, you will learn that you are a knight that has a mission to relieve the evil from this world. However, as of any souls like game, you will die. Like a lot, because of how challenging the game is. This game will let you battle on with other massive enemies that can kill you in 2 hit. Even the most stupidest enemies can kill you, which will frustrated you a lot.

However, if you are up to the challenge then i really recommend you to check out this game. You can download it on the link below!

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App Rating : Animus - Harbinger (Free)
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