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The release of Badang, the fighter is so interesting not only Malaysia Player (Badang is made originally from a story in Malaysia country) but also most fighter user all around the world. Is this hero that good? Is it up to the hype? and will he get into the Top Player Meta?

Well, if you are asking for these question, then check out 4 things that you should know about Badang before you buy him.

1. Badang is a Fighter!

One might ask, why should we care? Of course, we all know that Badang is a fighter hero. Hmmm, do you know that most fighter is a late game player that needs item and experience to dominate the fight? No.

Well, now you do. Most fighter tends to dominate the fight in the late game, because they had a low attack damage, and low health at first. It will need item to not only boost his damage, but also his durability.

If you want a burst damage type of heroes, then buy other heroes like Kadita and so on that will dominate the fight in the early game.

2. Timing is Everything


Like Alucard, Badang also needs timing in a team fight. Most importantly because he will need to use his skill to easily kills other even in the late game. Other things that the user needs to understand is the reason why fighter heroes is so underrated right now.

It is not because they aren’t useful, but because people tends to use them to go front and attack everything, which makes them an easy target. Most fighter don’t have a crowd control skill that is needed to render enemies useless (Unless you are ruby). Because of that they tend to feed the enemy team making them worst.

So, if you want to buy Badang, learn about the timing, when you should go in, and when you should go out!

3. Badang’s second skill!

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Now, Badang has a second skill that enable him to set up a wall behind the enemy hero that is hit but do note that this wall is the same as Grock. Wall that not only hinder your enemies movement, but also your friends.

Most importantly, it is very easy to get out of this wall simply by using a flicker skill or blink skill. So, you won’t be able to contain most assassin, Mage that use blink, and some Marksman. Which makes this useless for them unless you had a sure burst damage ability in the late game.

4. Badang’s Ultimate

Like his second skill that is pretty useful when done right. His ultimate also had the same effect. Before explaining why, you need to understand his Ultimate.

Badang’s ultimate lets him attack depending on the direction you use the ultimate. It will let him gain a moment of CC Immunity until the attack ended. It means that he can’t be stop with anything. However that is also the problem.

You can only hit one direction depending on which direction you use. If by chance your opponents has a flicker or blink ability, then your ability won’t be useful.

Plus! usually Badang will do a combo by using second skill and ultimate, which makes him unable to do more damage or contain the enemy if his ability is used up.

5. Badang himself didn’t have a blink ability


Badang don’t have a skill that enable’s him to run away. Most of his skill is only for attacking, which means that he is not able to run away if he is ganked by his enemies.

Sure he is able to use his second skill as a blink ability but the cooldown is to high that you aren’t able to use it most of the time.

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