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Based on the review of Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, today we are going to give you all guide and tips and tricks from A to Z!

We had made some good progress about the game. Here are some of the guide and tips and tricks that we have made:

The Complete Guide:

1. Basic guide to play the game.

All about you should know about this game. What is the job, quest, pet, etc.

2. How to make Mastela fruit from the scratch.

Mastela Fruit is one of the high tier heal item. It is also one of the most expensive item. You can sell in high price at a vending shop!

3. All you need to know to catch a pet!

Still confuse about pet? what is the use of a pet? I hope this guide will help you understand.

4. Thief skill and stats build for Solo play.

There are plenty of Jobs that is best suited for Solo play like Archer and Swordsman, but nothing beats the agility and the nimbleness of a thief. Thief is a jobs that enables you as the user to kill the enemies swiftly, while sustaining no damage because of the ability to dodge the attack.

5. Guide for upgrading your equipment.

To upgrade your equipment you will of needs 3 things. The weapon that you want to upgrade, the material that you need to upgrade the weapon, and lastly the npc that can upgrade your weapon.

6. Complete guide of the all class!

We will cover, who is the best Farmer, who is the best Tanker, who is the best damage dealer, and lastly who is the most annoying in PvP.


The Complete Tips and Tricks:

7. Card hunting Tips and Tricks – drop rate and EXP rate.

All of you already know the importance of Card in Ragnarok, it will boost your overall damage without using another equipment slot, which is huge, but sadly this card drops are really low. There are plenty of aspect that can affect your drop rate, but most importantly is……

8. How to make a headwear or headgear.

Did you know that you can make your character more IMBA by using a bonus stat from item? There are one things called End game Headgear or Head wear which is the secret of pro player on making their character more imbalance.

9. Easy Tips for Mage / Wizards for Solo Play.

There are 2 types of Mage in the Ragnarok M Eternal Love player. One that play in a party, dealing damage while being safe in the back lanes, being protected by others. The other one is the Solo Mage, that can wipe out the entire monster in the area alone taking all the loots in the area. Both are a pretty good mage type, but i personally prefer the solo type mage, because……..

10. Tricks How to be Rich with Zeny!

Some easy tips that you can use to be rich with zeny in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Check them out!

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