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Now that you start to listen to music from your smartphone, you may like to get the best music lyrics app for your phone. Nowadays, we cannot deny that smartphone have substituted a lot of things in our lives. One of the things that are replaced is the way we are listening to music through music players.

Listening Music with Lyrics on Smartphone

It’s no secret that it’s highly easy to listen to music constantly for 24 hours on our phone nowadays. Instead of listening to the music only, sometimes you may want to enhance your experience on listening to music while reading the lyrics live. Fortunately, it is completely possible to gain this CD-like experience!

Here’s the Top 5 Best Music Players with Lyrics

Now the question is what is the best music lyrics app that we can install on our smartphone? In fact, there will be a lot of options available out there once you search a music player that supports lyrics both on iOS and Android. To help you, here we have the most recommended ones.

1. Lyrics

This app might not have that fancy name, but it is surely worth a try. When it comes to music lyric app, Lyrics is a kind of lightweight app which will show you a scrolling lyric for the song you are playing on smartphone. It’s super practical because the lyric will be changed automatically when you change the song.

2. QuickLyric

If you are seeking for an alternative of best music lyrics app that is available for free, QuickLyric will be a good choice. As the name suggests, it’s quick and you can get any song lyric easily. More interestingly, this app supports offline feature as well and is able to search over 12 languages.

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3. Genius

This is another app that can make you at ease on listening music with lyric. You can find lyrics of over 1.7 million songs through this app. More interestingly, this app also comes with simple interviews of well-known artists discussing about their music. It can also be accessed offline.

4. MusixMatch

MusixMatch is another best music lyrics app that you can count on. This app is actually popular with its huge lyrics catalog. You can get the song lyrics when you need them. Another thing that makes this app great is its multilingual translations for the songs played on the player.

With this app, you can discover the lyrics of your favorite songs by artist, title or present sentence on the lyrics. Employ the smart seek bar to mark your favorite lyric. It’s also possible for you to put forward your own favorable lyrics to the app easily. You can find this app on both PlayStore and iTunes.

5. Lyrics Mania

The last but not least, there is also Lyrics Mania which allows you to obtain millions of song lyrics right from your tablet or smartphone. With this app, you will be able to listen to your favorite music and get the song lyric on the go. That’s why it becomes another best music lyrics app.

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