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If you had played Ragnarok M Eternal Love for some time and had been to the mid – late of the game then you will start to think about the adventure class, and how to increase the adventure class easily. Increasing your job to D Class is actually pretty easy in my opinion. It is because the item that is needed is not that hard to be searched. But, advancing to the E rank is a nightmare. Mainly because of the Racoon Leaf that is needed to advance the rank.

Racoon Leaf is actually an item drop from a mini boss called Smokie. The mini boss can be found on Prontera south gate and is actually a pretty easy find. The thing is however, it is so highly seek by most people that it is so tiring to find the item. The Racoon will be dead first before you can get it. Which is why we are here to give you some insight on how to get the item.

So this are some way to get the item:

1. Buy it on NPC Exchange with a really high price

Racoon Leaf is actually a tradeable item that can be exchange and sold. However, if you want to buy the item, you can only buy it on the NPC Exchange shop, with a whole lot more Zeny. Til this day, The item Racoon Leaf is cost for more than 700.000z. Which is a lot in my opinion.

2. Eternal Tower Smokie

The Endless Tower is a game mode in Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Love where you can farm rare items and equips from Mini and MVP Bosses and earn lots of zeny. It’s a weekly event where you fight waves of monsters and bosses and clear as many levels in the tower as you can. Now, if you are that lucky, you will be able to find mini bosses such as smokie in there.

3. Prontera Chest Smokie

Yep, you heard it. Actually Prontera Chest has a significant chance that it will have a racoon leaf. If you are lucky you will find it easily.

4. Find your own Smokie

Apart from the list above, another sure way to get the smokie leaf is simple by killing it in the South Prontera Gate above. Competing with hundred other people. However this will be the cheapest and the easiest way to find the item.

There are also some way to easily find Smokie in South Prontera Gate. You will be able to see smokie in the MVP menu. if you had the adventure skill called Falcon Perception, then it will be easier. Or you can simply buy the Premium card to easily show you the MVP and mini bosses.

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