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There can be a time when you feel like there is a need to read Old School RuneScape game review. Even though you’re all familiar with the PC version which is released several years ago, you’ll want to have some reviews to read before enjoying the mobile version of the game.

A Quick Review of Old School RuneScape

Developed by Jagex, this sandbox MMORPG is based on the 2007 RuneScape which was firstly available for PC users. It’s a typically of game that will you need to bookmark the wiki beforehand in order to get anywhere. In some cases, Old School RuneScape can be one of your forever games.

What to Expect from Old School RuneScape

For you who have ever enjoyed the computer version of the game, you won’t find it difficult to adjust yourself with the mobile version for sure. However, what is Old School RuneScape game like for novice players? Here’re some of the things that you can expect from this game:

Play on More Platform

Since it was initially available for PC, most people might wonder whether the game can actually work on mobile. Well, the answer is absolutely yes. However, as you read some Old School RuneScape game review beforehand, people tend to find the controls to be not perfect. But, playing it on bigger screen may help.

Moreover, the game is becoming cross-platform too. You can have only one account to play it on your computer, iOS or Android device. It’s surely interesting to see a kind of game which is focused on providing its community new choices to play. So, if you’re an old player, there’s no reason to stop you grabbing the game.

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Same Skills for Everyone

For those who have just started thegame, there will be no classes, but skills. Here, everyone will own the same 23 skills that are able to be assembled broadly into combat skills like Ranged and Strength, gathering skills including Mining and Fishing and crafting skills like Fletching and Herblore.

Different to Most MMOs

When you heard Old School RuneScape game review at the first time, you might have had expectation that this game can be played like majority MMOs out there. However, this game doesn’t appear to be like that. It’s because the game seems more like an old role-playing game with straightforward literal terms and mouse-operated.

Simple Graphics

As you continue to read this review, you’ll find that this game presents such simplicity through its graphics. It isn’t a bad thing for sure. It makes no fat on the game and it works properly since more than anything. It is actually a game about surroundings and achieving goals.

A Final Word of Old School RuneScape Review

Overall, this game is just a slightly brilliant whatever you play the game on. Even the game might not own the spectacle of more contemporary experiences; it still manages to provide the thrill of playing game together. And you can play it on various platforms too!

That’s all the Old School RuneScape game review.

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