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Are you seeking for some helpful Evoland 2 tips and tricks that can make you get the most of this wonderful game? Well, you start in the right place. Evoland 2 is surely a great game that now can be enjoyed on mobile when it was firstly released for PC platforms only.

For its mobile version, Evoland 2 is considered to be a game that is much larger and more substantial compared to the other mobile games available right now. Playing this RPG adventure means you are jumping through time and generation. However, you will find a lot of hidden items and puzzles that are not always easy to get here.

Best Puzzle Solutions and Things to Consider
Due to the fair amount of veiled items and puzzles on the game, we will provide you solutions to collect everything you need in the game. Here, we’ve collected some puzzle solutions as well as a few things you need to watch out to bring together nearly everything in Evoland 2:

1. Almost Layton

This is one of the initial puzzles you’re going to get and then you have to solve in order to obtain a key to a mansion where you need to discover a sword inside the mansion. With the sword, you will then be able to continue your adventure. Then, how to solve it?

Actually, it’s going to be a simple puzzle engaging crossed wires after you read this Evoland 2 tips and tricks. You need to go after a number on top and go down the wire passing across any connection to locate the one which leads to the fish in the next hook.

2. Behind the Waterfall

For this one, we can say that it isn’t truly a puzzle. It is more like something you should normally watch out during the game. Here, you’ll come upon a waterfall on your journey to a mountain about an hour you’re playing the game. When you can pass through, there is actually a secret you’ll love.

Well, it is actually possible for you to walk into the wall here and discover a secret cave where you can gain some treasures. You’re recommended to beware of secret way wherever possible. It might seem like normal tile, but marching into it will expose something new.

3. Sliding Mammuts

You can accuse an attack to slide some mammuts along the ground. Here, you’ll have to solve several puzzles. The puzzles are all pretty easy to solve. However, you should remember that there is angle where you can surely hit them from. Then, it is possible to hit them from range too.

4. Prison Password

The last but not least, let’s talk about the prison password. During your adventure in the prison, you’ll ultimately stumble upon a door that needs a password. This is actually the last puzzle in the prison. For a quick answer on this Evoland 2 tips and tricks, some of the passwords are Death and 104.

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