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If you are playing Brawl Stars on your mobile device, indeed you’ll want to know some essential Brawl Stars tips and tricks. When it comes to Brawl Stars, you must have known that taking down enemies isn’t always the main goal. But, it’s inevitable that it’s pretty significant during the game.

Best Tips and Tricks to Play Brawl Stars

Developed by Supercell, this brand new team shooter game is certainly worth a try. As you play the game, you’ll be shooting down tons of enemies on your way by using various supers and characters. Then, how can you play it properly and grab your victory? Here are the tips and tricks.

Best Tactics to Kill Opponents
On these Brawl Stars tips and tricks, let’s begin from the right tactics you can use to kill opponents. As mentioned before, it might not your main goal, but it is important to take down your enemies. To help you shooting down your enemies, here are some tactics you can follow.

Remember: Screen, Aim, Fire!
In Brawl Stars, you’ll find two easy ways to fire your main weapon. The first is quickfire and the second is actual aiming. Aiming is actually nice tactic when you’re following specific enemy if there’s a group. Quickfire on the other hand can be a good way to check for enemies by shooting blindly.

Hide Yourself
When discussing Brawl Stars tips and tricks for killing opponents, hiding can be a good strategy sometimes. You can conceal yourself in tall grass. Every stage will have tall grass at all times. Move through the tall grass for your advantage on taking down some enemies while staying out of sight.

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Best Tactics to Earn Coins Quickly
In order to shoot down your enemies, you’ll require power points and also coins so that you can level up your characters. Power points and coins are possible to be gained in chest as well as through some other ways. Follow these tips to gain these points and coins quickly.

Tokens for Chests
On any Brawl Stars tips and tricks to gain points and coins quickly, you’ll be suggested to exchange your tokens for a chest. For this reason, staking tokens as you finish achievements and games can be highly useful. You can use it to get power coins and points for moving forward.

Star Tokens
Just like the regular tokens, you can exchange star tokens for a chest too. But, here you’ll only need 10 of them to gain one chest. Then, this Brawl Stars tips and tricks usually provide better rewards as well. That’s why earning star tokens can be far more difficult than the regular one.

Trophy Cabinet
Lastly, you can gain coins and points fast by employing trophy cabinet as well. You’ll earn these trophies once you win a game with your character. That’s why gain as a lot of trophies as possible to unlock a huge variety of rewards.

Now, try these Brawl Stars tips and tricks yourself!

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