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Regarding the recent global release of Errant The Soul of Hunter called Rangers of Oblivion, there has been so many people that has been playing the games now and are so happy for it. There are still some things that can be a little bit confusing, for example how can you find more gold Coins?

Well, because of that, we will give you some of the best guide for you to easily find more Gold Coins. Check this out!

1. Weekly Questing

Probably one of the most surest way to easily find gold coins even in the early game in the lower level. It can be done by exchanging the medals that is awarded each time you finished a weekly quest.

You can exchange the medal reward for a bags of gold that will give you 1000 gold coins, for 3 times, which means that you will get at least 3000 gold coins each weeks. Which is a start,

2. Cooking

The next way to gain some more coins is by cooking. Well, although not exactly cooking, but by simply selling the things that you are cooking in the market.

So you will need to unlock the market place first before you can start earning some bucks. However, cooking is a really time costly which is why i don’t really recommend it. If you want to further get more money, by spending some of your silver coins, then do so if you wanted to. Depending on the item, you can get 90 – 500 gold per cooked item.

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3. Fishing

As you have guess it, next is fishing, after cooking. One of the surest way to get money in my opinion. You can also just go AFK while your character go on fishing your fish.

The good thing about this mechanics is that, when you are doing something, you will still be auto fishing which in turns will give you a fish that you can sell in the market for some penny. Some fish even cosh more than 500 gold coins depending on the bait. So if you want to earn easy gold coins. Then do fishing.

4. Treasure Hunting

One of the most easiest way to get more gold coins but the most time consuming and the hardest one. Because first you will need a treasure map, and second you will need to go to the place, and there is also a thing where depending on the treasure map that you had, the quality of the item that you will get will also be changed, and there is no guarantee if the item that you had will worth much. But if you hit the jackpot. Then you will definitely be rich in a moment! Depending on the item you can get more than 200 – 1000 gold per item.

There you have it, some of the best way to get gold coins. So what do you think, got other tips to get more gold coins?

Well if you do then do comment down below so other players will also know. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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