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What is the best game for iPhone that’s worth to play nowadays?
Now that many gamers start to play their favorite games on their smartphone, we cannot deny that the App Store is now packed with huge variety of games to play. So, which one is the best to play now?

Best Games to Play in Your iPhone and iPad
Start from simple old games to modern high-end games are now available to play in your iPhone and iPad. Some of your favorite PC games are now able to be enjoyed right on your phone. With a lot of choices available, getting swayed is easy. To help you, we’ve put together some of the recommended ones below.

Best RPG Games for iPhone and iPad

If you are an RPG lover, you will love to know best game for iPhone on this genre for sure. Nowadays, it’s a bit hard to find many pure RPG on mobile because many of them have been mixed with other genres. However, here are some of the excellent RPGs available for you.

1. Wayward Souls
Developed and published by RocketCat Games, this action-RPG game is surely one of those which will make you love to play it from the first sight. This game combines tangible combat with energetic physics and randomized dungeons. Moreover, the game also offers a bucket-load of secrets that make it more interesting.

2. Knights of the Old Republic
Another best game for iPhone if you’re looking for the typical action-RPG one is Knights of the Old Republic. This game is developed by BioWare and available for iOS and Android devices. It will let you to play as Jedi Knight who has power to select whether to hunt the dark or light side.

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Best Strategy Games for iPhone and iPad

If you are more into strategy games than RPG, there are a lot of games that you can enjoy on your iPhone and iPad as well. More interestingly, you can expect for great games which play beautifully even on mobile devices. And here are some of the best ones you should play.

1. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI
This game is another best game for iPhone that allow you to experience the greatness of Civilization VI right on your smartphone. Published by Aspyr, this game is surely one of the most excellent and deepest strategy games ever. Whatever platform you play it on, the game will give you the best.

2. XCOM: Enemy Within
It’s a game which has a name for being one of the most excellent squad-based strategy games out there. It offers edgy turn-based battles which are rendered in magnificent 3D. This iOS conversion carries the game to mobile with no compromise. This best game for iPhone is also available for Android.

3. Faster Than Light
Faster Than Light is a game that allows you to run your own spaceship. You need to allocate resources to any department which requires it the most. But, the real excitement of playing this best game for iPhone is when you need to do it while fleeing through the intimidating star system.

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