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Although there are plenty of games that is being made every months, there isn’t any that can match with the overly famous game called Zelda. We have always like the Zelda game since its first release that myself has even downloaded the previous version of the game.

Of course, the game is still great, but there are times when you wish that you wanted to play the same game but with a different feel. If so, then you will want to download the game called Ocean Horn.

You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone…
The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace. What happened?

Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled with many dangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to use magic and discover ancient treasures which will help you on your quest. Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdom Arcadia and sea monster Ocean Horn.

Ocean Horn combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3D visuals and exciting game play into one massive action adventure experience you will never forget.

Ocean Horn is a game that is inspired by the original puzzle adventure RPG game called Zelda. Although with a different feel to it. You will be playing as a guy that is searching for his father that is gone, and your job is to find out what happened to him.

While doing so, you will be adventuring to the outside world, and use anything possible to help you in your way, from a cool equipment to awesome magic skill to increase your survive-ability.

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Another awesome fact about this game, it is also composed by an awesome game composer from Final Fantasy which is Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito from Seiken Densetsu. I really recommend you to play this game if you like Zelda game, and wanted a different feel to it.

If you want a simple comparison, i will tell you that the setting of Zelda is about a mountain, while Ocean Horn is about sea and beach. The comparison includes the monster design, setting, and puzzle overall.

If you are interested in this game, you could click on the link below to download!

App Rating : Oceanhorn ™ (Free)
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